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Creosote is a natural by-product of woodburning,
primarily due to incomplete combustion. A sticky
dust-like residue, creosote is vented through the
chimney along with smoke and other gases. It
sticks to the walls of the flue and can build up
to a dangerous level. Creosote is highly flammable
and can be ignited by something as simple as
burning a few pieces of paper. This is commonly
referred to as a chimney fire or flue fire and can
spread quickly to the rest of your home.

Although the purpose of cleaning a chimney is to
remove creosote, of even greater importance is a
thorough safety inspection. At ChimPro, the entire
chimney is inspected using our 36 point process.
A complete written report is generated explaining
the condition of critical components, observations
regarding usage, and suggestions for improving
the safe, efficient operation of the entire system.

Our "No Soot" cleaning process guarantees a neat
job and is accomplished using the highest quality
equipment available including dustless vaccuum
systems, a wide range of brush sizes to fit every
flue, and heavy duty safety equipment.

Annually 123,000+ homes are damaged by flue
fires. Wood burning systems should be cleaned
and inspected by an experienced professional
after using 1 to 2 face cords of wood. Many
factors can influence the amount of creosote
build up so it pays to have your chimney
serviced each year by a ChimPro approved

Seasoned, dry hardwoods are the best choice
for an enjoyable fire and a reduction in creosote
levels. Learn more about wood selection and
efficiency in this article from

A chimney fire can cause extensive damage
to your fireplace, chimney, and surrounding
walls. Learn how to identify whether you've
had a flue fire and what to do about it.

ChimPro technicians are
trained with the latest
safety and building code


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